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    Window and Patio Door Solutions for Your Coastal Home

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Coastal homes face many unique maintenance challenges such as, debris and storm waters that can easily damage normal building materials. That’s why you should invest in windows and patio doors that are built to withstand these weather conditions:

    Vinyl Doors and Windows
    When it comes to all-around weather resistance, vinyl windows and doors come out on top. Vinyl acts as a natural insulator and protects your home from the chill of winter rain. Unlike metal and wood materials, vinyl is unaffected by the salt and moisture in the ocean air. This corrosion resistance ensures that your vinyl’s maintenance needs are minimal. Finally, vinyl boasts great impact resistance. This characteristic ensures that vinyl windows and doors remain unaffected by flying storm debris.

    Reinforced Glass
    Vinyl materials aren’t enough to protect your coastal home from storm damage. Your window and patio doors should also be equipped with reinforced glass. Laminated glass panes, for instance, are able to stand up to storm winds. Plus, laminated glass can be further strengthened with durable interlayers and stainless steel spacers. Get in touch with your local window and door installation expert to learn about reinforced glass for windows and patio doors.

    You don’t have to sacrifice looks when you upgrade your windows and doors. Window makers like Simonton offer vinyl windows in traditional shapes and styles. You may even see a bump in the value of your coastal home after installing windows that protect the home and enhance the exterior!

    Simonton StormBreaker Plus windows and doors are perfect additions to your coastal home. A new set of these high-performance windows and doors could cut down your energy bills and maintenance costs as well. Give California Glass & Window a call at (714) 434-8650 if you have more questions.

    Shopping for the Right Energy Star Replacement Windows

    Last updated 5 years ago

    The Energy Star logo is added to consumer products that meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for efficient design and performance. However, not all Energy Star products are appropriate for every region of the country. This overview can help you find replacement windows that are right for your home:

    Determine Climate Zone
    The EPA divides the nation into four major climate zones. Zone 1 (Northern) makes up the upper half of the United States plus Nevada, Colorado, and Utah. California and the South fall into Zone 2 (North-Central) or Zone 3 (South-Central). Zone 4 (Southern) is the hottest climate zone and is made up almost entirely of Southern Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Make sure all of the Energy Star windows you purchase are designed for your climate zone—these windows provide the highest level of efficiency for your home.

    Compare Efficiency Ratings
    Be sure to compare the efficiency ratings of several replacement windows once you find your climate zone. This analysis helps you choose between similar windows that are right for your climate. The two most important ratings to look for are Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and R-value. SHGC represents a window’s ability to allow in heat, so a low SHGC is preferable. R-value, on the other hand, measures a window’s ability to slow down the transfer of heat, meaning a high R-value rating is ideal.

    Get in touch with your local replacement window specialist if you have more questions about Energy Star ratings. A local professional contractor like California Glass & Window can help you choose the right Energy Star windows for your home. Plus, we can install your energy-efficient windows professionally and properly. Visit us online or call us today at (714) 434-8650 for a free in-home estimate.

    What to Expect When from Your Milgard Window Replacement

    Last updated 5 years ago

    Milgard is one of the nation’s leading replacement window manufacturers. Milgard prides itself on choosing the very best professionals to act as certified dealers. Watch this video to learn what you can expect from a Milgard installation.

    Milgard-certified dealers are selected based on their professionalism and experience in the industry. That means you can expect every certified Milgard installation professional to be courteous, qualified, and on time. Milgard-certified dealers are also experts when it comes to replacement windows. You can count on their suggestions to make your home efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

    California Glass & Window has a wide selection of Milgard replacement windows. We also install Milgard’s popular Essence windows and doors. Give us a call today at (714) 434-8650 or visit our website for more information.

    Be Sure Not to Miss These Orange County Holiday Light Displays!

    Last updated 5 years ago

    One great holiday tradition is looking at gorgeous light displays with your family and friends! Orange County residents have access to several entertaining light displays this season. Treat yourself and your family to a bit of holiday cheer by checking out one of these light displays recommended by us here at California Glass & Window:

    Robolights is one of the most unique light displays in Southern California. It is also one of the country’s largest residential light displays, featuring about seven million Christmas lights. Children and adults alike will love the creative display of holiday and science fiction scenes. The display is open starting on Friday, November 23. 

    Holiday Toy Express
    The Holiday Toy Express is a great alternative to driving to look at holiday lights. The Holiday Toy Express is a 450-ton train decorated in over 50,000 lights. The train features live musical performances as well as appearances from Santa and his elves. You can find a schedule for every location on the 41-stop tour by visiting The train begins its tour in the middle of November and continues across the state until December 22.

    Festival of Lights
    You’ll find endless holiday splendor at the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa’s Festival of Lights. From the day after Thanksgiving until the first week in January, the entire hotel transforms into a Christmas wonderland. Over 3.6 million lights illuminate the property, covering every inch of the hotel with pure holiday magic. The Festival of Lights also features horse-drawn carriages, snow, beautiful seasonal torches, and a visit from Santa Claus.

    A new set of energy-efficient windows could bring holiday cheer to your home, too. Contact California Glass & Window to find out how new replacement windows can lower your heating bill. Visit us online or call us at (714) 434-8650 to learn more.

    Looking To Learn More About Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows? Click Through These Links

    Last updated 5 years ago

    One of the biggest benefits of replacement windows is consistent energy savings. If you’re looking to learn about the ways in which energy-efficient models can improve your indoor environment and reduce your energy costs, take a look at these links. The replacement window professionals here at California Glass & Window are dedicated to offering clients high-quality products. For more information, call us at (714) 434-8650.

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